Necessary Tips To Stop Telecommunications Fraudulence


telecommunication fraud


You signed a contract to sell VoIP at the time you started selling it. It was not your intention to join the $29 billion fraud in the telecom industry.

VoIP sales and use could expose you to fraud every day. In a matter of minutes an entire business can go bankrupt from toll fraud. Continue reading to learn our strategies to prevent telecom fraud.

What can you do to stop wangiri fraud attack?

Password Protection

It is essential to change all default passwords when you first set up your PBX system. If your provider is compromised and you are unable to access your PBX, it could restrict access to your PBX. It is important to avoid using poor passwords when setting up new ones. Although it sounds obvious, increasing numbers of users are being targeted by hackers because they have set passwords that are easy to remember. The hiring process telecom fraud specialists is among the most effective ways to avoid fraudulent use of telecoms.



For instance, it's normal for users to create their pin number have the same 4 digits as their extension. Your pin number should be of the identical length to your extension. This is the same as having your pin number "0000" or, even worse "1234".

Allow/disable international calls

Some clients won't need to make international calls. If this is the case it is best to only allow international calling to clients who ask. Hackers will look for the most expensive international rates if they have access to your system. They are among the highest-earning revenue streams. It is possible to make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your system by giving your customers the option to disable or enable international calls.

Limits Set

If your clients need to make international phone calls, you can still secure them by setting limits. A credit limit that is low for the master extension can allow hackers to make only as many times before their credit is out. For example, you can place a maximum of $10 on all international calls. When the cap of $10 has been exceeded, you are unable to longer make international calls. This safeguards businesses from the specter of thousands of dollars of losses. will help you determine the best method to protect wangiri fraud attack.

Check Call Usage/Monthly Charges

If a company is victimized to telecom fraud, you often hear them tell you "I did not know that this was taking place". This is unfortunately and is the truth. These tragic events usually occur during non-working hours, like during weekends. Hackers employ this method to get away with hacking for longer durations because they cannot be identified. Regular checks must be conducted on the number of calls used by businesses and they should request an annual bill. This can help them get ahead of any hacking that might occur right under their noses.

Install SIP Protectors

SIP protectors should be installed last but not least. Bicom Systems has two products which protect and guarantee the quality of calls that are made and received. sipMON continuously monitors the SIP packets that are being received and sipPROT works in real-time to safeguard against SIP attacks.