How To Choose The Best AI Chatbots In 2021?




Chatbots are becoming more common. It's easier than ever to create a chatbot. However, not all chatbots made equal and their performance differs greatly from one to another. What are the requirements to create the top artificial intelligence? Read on to discover the essential qualities that a chatbot must possess.

The top AI chatbots serve a purpose

Chatbots should always have an objective and should be able to fulfill this function. The best AI chatbots were often created to aid businesses. There are a variety of ways an AI chatbot can assist you, so let's look at some examples.

Relieve Customer Service department

This is probably the most frequent use case for AI chatbots since they have always been used in order to help clients find answers to their questions online, rather than getting to contact customer support.

Indeed one of the most frustrating aspects of being a customer is to have to wait for an extended period of time to be able to contact customer service when you require an answer to a basic problem. If you provide this service to your clients to help them resolve their issues online and on their own, allowing the customer service team to focus on users with more complex problems, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Help the HR department.

Chatbots created to aid HR departments can answer routine questions that collaborators frequently have regarding HR issues. This helps reduce the HR team's workload, allowing them to focus on the human aspect of their job.

A chatbot for HR can typically address basic HR issues for example, like an annual leave that employees are due. But it doesn't stop there. You can use it to aid in onboarding, engage with employees, reserve meeting rooms, or organize shared resources.

Supplement your Sales department

Chatbots can be an excellent tool for sales teams in two ways.

Helping to qualify leads so that your Sales Representatives can focus on leads that have reached a certain age and are at the end of the funnel, i.e. are in a position to convert.

Even better, you can let potential customers navigate through the entire sale cycle without having to talk to an actual person!

The chatbot is also referred to as an automated chatbot. It can answer questions about the product a user is seeking and helps him on the conversion path. In the end, it lets him to complete a transaction through the chatbot. It is also able to go even further and help customers find matching products, which might result in a possible upsell.



Fundamentally, the best AI chatbots are built to fulfill a specific purpose. This could mean freeing staff time or improving the customer experience. They must make the lives of your colleagues and customers much more simple. In the absence of this, they'll not be as helpful like any other site or application.

The technology used by the top AI chatbots

As I mentioned earlier as mentioned above, chatbots of all kinds aren't made equal, particularly in regards to the technology they employ and their user experience. Let's explore this further.

Conversational AI chatbots utilizing NLP technology

In an earlier article about different bot types There's a large distinction between buttons-based bots which are the simplest bots and the keyword-based bots. The most advanced bot, the AI bot chat, is the most complex.

The chatbot is based on Natural Language Processing technology, which allows it to recognize users' queries even if they are mispelled.

Integrations with platforms from third-party platforms

If you look around, the best AI chatbots have the capacity to integrate to third parties softwares such as an HR platform, or an inventory management tool.

This ability allows the bot to access HR data in order to help an employee with a question and customer history in order to assist the customer with a specific question about his account or product availability for sales chatbots. In fact, when you consider this last example, a bot for sales must have access to your inventory information in order to succeed.

Imagine that you have an Shopify website and a user is looking for a size 10 red dress. Chatbots connect to your inventory database and is aware of the categories of your products and stock levels. The chatbot informs the user of the options that are available to them in one chat.

Available on multiple channels

Nowadays, people expect to get information at the click of the button. To achieve this the chatbot must be accessible across all communication channels such as social media. Your platform must enable your bot to communicate seamlessly across all digital channels. It should also retain context and data for seamless interactions. The bot should be able to relay that information to an agent in the best cases.

The ability to escalate to a live agent

As with all things technological technology, even the artificial intelligence chatbot have their limits, meaning that the bot won't be able to answer the user's request.

It must be able to make calls back to a human agent if necessary. For the escalation process to be as smooth as possible the bot should be able to pass on any history of conversations and other important information to ensure that the user does not be even more annoyed by having to repeat the same thing.

Best AI chatbots' design

Although there are many styles to choose from for AI Chatbots , this is a crucial component. In fact, a simple design and an easy-to-use interface can make your chatbot more attractive to use.

So here you go and you have an understanding of the various criterias that define the best AI chatbots on the market. You need keep these in mind when creating your own chatbot.

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